Hi guys, thehanster here!!!!!!! Sorry it has been a long time since a post, I have been super busy with my research paper, but I will be printing it in one hour, so that stress is gone! Yay! Right now we are on our “vacation” in Morondava! We presented our research papers right before we left and we just have a few mini assignments to work on during our 5 days here. Our flight was delayed 6 hours coming here, so we arrived just in time for sunset with on the Avenue of Baobabs! Morondava is famous for baobabs, beautiful trees with enourmous trunks and no branches except for on the very top. They don’t grow in clumps except for on the Avenue of Baobabs, usually each one is about 200 yards away from the next one. They are so so cool, I actually like them more than lemurs (Oh la la!). THANK YOU MARGARET BROUGHTON for the pictures!! I want to give her so much credit because they are amazing, and I still cannot take any pictures because my camera is still broken. The photos are the avenue of baobabs, me hugging a baobab(they are HUGE!!)(I want one), and our family in Andasibe! We were in Andasibe(rural village on east coast of Madagascar) two weeks ago, and I think this was my favorite week of the program, it was two people per host family and Margaret and I got such a great family, we also were assigned Malagasy pharmacology students to work with for our research papers and we had a lot of fun with them(much basketball and dancing!!). Okay that was a quick post, but I must enjoy my last day of vacation, we return to Antananarivo tomorrow to complete and present our final projects. I am really getting excited to come home! One week everybody! This Saturday, I will be in Madagascar, next Saturday I will be camping and the next Saturday I will be in Michigan! I am extremely excited for the next few weeks and the rest of the Summer!! IMG_1734IMG_1734



One thought on “Morondava!

  1. Lovely to hear about this great adventure! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures and and hear more stories about your trip!

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